Sneak Peak of Wetherholt! Nett’s First Letter

Four days until the official release date!! 🥳 After writing and editing and planning so long, it’s crazy how fast this last month has been!!

And here we have Nett’s first letter which is a response to Lissie’s first letter.

To:  Alice Dairton – New York City, New York, United States 
From: Antonette Dairton – Wetherholt, New Jersey, United States

February the Tenth
Dear Lissie,

I find your letter quite amusing, but whatever happened to your penmanship? Certainly, Mama and Papa did not spend so much money on your handwriting so that you may immediately slack off as soon as you begin writing letters. But as you are not writing to me looking for criticisms on your handwriting, I shall say no more.
I was immensely pleased to read your letter and happy that you could observe those people, for I know that is one of your favorite pleasures. I am certain that you behaved most ladylike; I never fear embarrassment from you.
You have often told me how dull our life is in Wetherholt and that things only happen as soon as you go away. I wish I could provide evidence against the truth of that, but I am afraid I can only confirm it.
Just after your carriage disappeared around the corner, Papa told us that a man he “does business with” will be staying with us for a week and that he is arriving tomorrow.  I really think that their “business” will be drinking sherry and smoking cigars, but do not tell Papa that I said that. The man will be staying in our guest room. I am rather alarmed at having a strange man in the house.
Papa was smiling and whistling after the announcement of his guest. I do not know what he hopes the visit will accomplish, but I hope for his sake that it happens.
In other news, Cornelius Snagsby broke his arm while trying to milk our cow. Doctor Wraith set it right and Cornelius is resting in his bedroom in the loft. He insisted he didn’t need our guest room, which is good since Papa’s friend is coming. As I have told you before, I often think that if we had a larger house, we might be able to have more guests.
I would write more, but I must go help Mama. We are in the middle of making bread, and Mrs. O’Neill is preparing a dinner of chicken and vegetables


Be on the lookout for the character sketches of the two sisters!

Have a wonderful day!

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