Wetherholt Character Sketch: Lissie Dairton

Today we get to learn a little bit more about Lissie Dairton, the younger of the two sisters in Wetherholt.

Full name: Alice Olivia Dairton

Age at the start of the book: 18

Birthday: November 18th

About her: Lissie is a hopeless romantic, daydreaming about her future husband and feeling quite giddy about it. Although she never does anything improper, she is much more likely to be on the edge of impropriety than her sister Nett.

What characteristic of myself is found in her? Lissie portrays the aspect of me that loves having fun and dreaming about the future.

How does she react to the world around her? Lissie is apt to make judgments about people rather quickly, but is willing to revise them if evidence proves them to be different than she thought. She’s pretty self-confident and views unknown situations as adventures.

Color to describe her: Lissie is a bright, sunny yellow. It takes a lot to get her mad, she’ll stick with you through it all, and she’ll always cheer you up. But she can also be serious and gives good advice when she bothers to think about things. She’s not altogether very observant of things in general, but she loves people-watching—especially if there seems to be a romance going on.

If Lissie lived in modern times, what would her job be? Either (1) a barista, so she could people-watch or (2) a florist, as she’d get to work with bright colors and learn the customers’ stories when they buy flowers.

What is her greatest fear? Being alone.

What is her greatest dream? Living an adventurous life.

Have any other questions about Lissie? Ask them in the comments and I’ll answer them!

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