Wetherholt Character Sketch: Nett Dairton

And today we learn more about Nett Dairton, the older sister! 🙂 I already did a character sketch on Lissie, so be sure to check that out!

Full name: Antonette Jane Dairton

Age at the start of the book: 23

Birthday: June 6th

About her: Nett is calm and collected. She takes her time in thinking about things, and tries to be reasonable in all that she does. Nett would hate to be the subject of gossip, as she tries to stay out of the spotlight—especially if it was gossip relating to her propriety.

What characteristic of myself is found in her? Nett embodies the side of me that enjoys things to be done just-so and according to what is good and right.

How does she react to the world around her? Nett generally thinks well of people. In fact, she doesn’t like to think badly of people, and often gives them several chances. She doesn’t view herself as a very strong person and tends to try to stay in the background.

Color to describe her: Nett is definitely a blue. She is very calm, considerate, and tries to stay level-headed. Blue is what would be thought of as very normal color, and Nett would be glad to be compared to such a thing. She tries to follow what society deems as “proper”, but underneath, she is secretly rather envious of Lissie’s carefree attitude.

If Nett lived in modern times, what would her job be? Either (1) a music teacher as she would love to teach and is quite gifted at music or (2) a librarian as she loves books and would be thrilled with the idea of getting to introduce them to others.

What is her greatest fear? Not being loved.

What is her greatest dream? Having a normal, happy life.

Have any questions about Nett? Ask away and I’ll be happy to answer them! 🙂

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