📚Book Review! 📚 Checked Out by Elizabeth Spann Craig

Checked Out by Elizabeth Spann Craig My rating: 4 of 5 stars This was such a good book! The mystery was just about perfect—I figured out who the villain was only very shortly before they were revealed and that made me really happy. It wasn’t obvious from the beginning who it was, and Ms. CraigContinue reading “📚Book Review! 📚 Checked Out by Elizabeth Spann Craig”

📚Book Review of “The Coronation” by Olivia Lynn Jarmusch

Ahhh…who doesn’t love a good princess story?!? To me, the fun bit is getting to go to the castle, so for the story to actually be about a royal family living in a castle…well! It’s just a great set up! This is my second time reading The Coronation and I enjoyed it even more thanContinue reading “📚Book Review of “The Coronation” by Olivia Lynn Jarmusch”

Wondering RELEASE DAY!!! 🥳🎉🎈 PLUS A Surprise! 😁

Today marks the release of Wondering, the sequel to Wetherholt! In honor of that, I’ve decided to do a SURPRISE!! *Drumroll* The Wetherholt eBook is currently available for FREE!! If you’re a fan of Jane Austen or Louisa May Alcott, I think you might like my novels. They’re centered on family, friendship, love, and forgiveness.Continue reading “Wondering RELEASE DAY!!! 🥳🎉🎈 PLUS A Surprise! 😁”

Wondering Cover Reveal, Release Date, and Synopsis!

Hello you beautiful people! I’m so excited to get to share all of these updates with you! Wondering will be released October 19th! 🥳 The lovely art is by Jeremy Adams (find him on Instagram @jeremyadams.ink ) and the design is by Victoria Lynn (find her on Instagram @victorialynnauthor ). Here’s the synopsis which *may*Continue reading “Wondering Cover Reveal, Release Date, and Synopsis!”

Wetherholt Character Sketch: Nett Dairton

And today we learn more about Nett Dairton, the older sister! 🙂 I already did a character sketch on Lissie, so be sure to check that out! Full name: Antonette Jane Dairton Age at the start of the book: 23 Birthday: June 6th About her: Nett is calm and collected. She takes her time inContinue reading “Wetherholt Character Sketch: Nett Dairton”


TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Wetherholt officially releases!!! Ahhhh!!! I’m so excited! It’s been such a journey of writing, editing, prepping for release…it’s still hard to believe that it’s actually out now and all my work on it is done! It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited! 🥳 And while you’re reading it, why not listen toContinue reading “WETHERHOLT LAUNCH DAY!!! 🥳🥳”

Wetherholt Character Sketch: Lissie Dairton

Today we get to learn a little bit more about Lissie Dairton, the younger of the two sisters in Wetherholt. Full name: Alice Olivia Dairton Age at the start of the book: 18 Birthday: November 18th About her: Lissie is a hopeless romantic, daydreaming about her future husband and feeling quite giddy about it. AlthoughContinue reading “Wetherholt Character Sketch: Lissie Dairton”

Sneak Peak of Wetherholt! Nett’s First Letter

Four days until the official release date!! 🥳 After writing and editing and planning so long, it’s crazy how fast this last month has been!! And here we have Nett’s first letter which is a response to Lissie’s first letter. To:  Alice Dairton – New York City, New York, United States From: Antonette Dairton – Wetherholt,Continue reading “Sneak Peak of Wetherholt! Nett’s First Letter”

Sneak Peak of Wetherholt! Lissie’s First Letter

Hello, hello! Today is an exciting day for two reasons! Firstly, I can now announce that I will be releasing Wetherholt on Amazon on March 9th!!! That’s just a week and a day! 🥳🥳🥳 Secondly, I’m sharing the first letter you ever see written by Lissie—which also happens to be the very first letter inContinue reading “Sneak Peak of Wetherholt! Lissie’s First Letter”

Brainstorming Your Next Great Idea (Part 3)

Tip #2: Plan it like you eat it. So. Here you are. You’ve written your synopsis. “Now what?” you ask. Now…well…now you write. “Woah!” you say. “Hold up! That’s not how writing works! You can’t just start writing to write!” And my response to you, fellow writer, would be, “Why ever not?” You see, we’reContinue reading “Brainstorming Your Next Great Idea (Part 3)”